This site exists to house various pieces of my writing that have no other home. I write stories, poetry, songs and occasionally other work.

For two years I lived in the arctic and wrote about it here. I contribute book discussions to In Green Canoes

My unpublished novel, Cardiff Ghosts, is available to read on request. It’s a story of alienation, friendship, black metal and menial work, set in Wales in 2003. The manuscript was completed in 2012.

I am currently working on some projects for theatre. Here on the blog you can also find links to my music. In the future I plan to move away from traditional music towards experimental electronics.

I really like collaborating with other types of artists. If you have a suggestion for a project or you want to read more of my stuff please contact me at v.t.stephen(at)gmail.com, or leave a reply here.




One Response to About

  1. davestephen says:

    hello vince
    been on your blog and site.
    Liked both.
    I was trying to imagine perpetual darkness, I think you helped, although I read a very scary ghost story set in Spitzbergen.
    Can I have you e mail address? as I have some new musical pieces and writing that I would like to send. I have written a monologue about a Baroque composer, if you’d like to read it (in a Northern accent!)

    dave stephen

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